Course Info

General information

By the end of the course you will have your own domain, and all the materials for your  website. You will be more than comfortable at creating web pages and working with graphics for the web. You will have the experience of working with at least one other person to draft web pages. You will have a collection  of web tools to assist you.

This course is offered as part of a group of classes a student may choose from as part of their concentration in Computer Technology Support or Web Development and Administration in the for the A.A.S. Degree. The focus on web development and the troubleshooting you may need to do when downloading applications, uploading materials to a server, and working with files is in line with department course requirements. {See Resources}

Your text for this course

HTML and CSS BookHTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites:  Take a look inside at the publisher’s website (opens in a new window). Read a sample chapter!

Your text has a companion website that includes:

Other fees or costs?

You are required to purchase a domain; this is domain registry. You are NOT  required to pay for hosting.

Working in the Open

Portions of this course require you to work in the open. If a classmate is using a moniker or nickname, please be sure to use it when responding or replying in the open on their blog or on the class discussions for this site. Do not use his or her real name, even if you know it. See the syllabus for more information

Required applications

You will download and install freeware, shareware or open source software  text editors and ftp clients. You must have multiple web browsers installed and kept up to date to check your work.  While you may use any browser you like you should also have either Chrome or Firefox installed.

Change your browser software when you wish, but realize that you have  to  check your work in at least two browsers. Use the browser that you are most comfortable with, the one that came with your computer, and if you don’t have them, you will need to download both:


Recommended: CIOS F146 and CIOS F150 or equivalent computer literacy including saving/retrieving files, use of office applications, Internet and e-mail. If you cannot find materials on your own computer, or do not understand file structure: folders/directories and file extensions you need to read up on them!

Special requirements

See syllabus


Give yourself plenty of time to read the materials and practice the work. You may turn in work early. Most items will be graded and feedback given within four days  after the listed due date. Students are expected to maintain a working backup plan to be implemented in the event of a computer malfunction or an interruption of their normal Internet service.

Material due on a specified date must be submitted before  the date and time of the assignment to be graded after the first two weeks of the course. Participation in discussions is graded along with all other work as specified under grading policies in the syllabus. Participation is required.