Schedule & Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)



Week Date Lecture Topics
Reading & Special Notes
Assignments (SLO)
Jan. 16-20
Welcome & Getting Started
Course Requirements, Overview, Introduction to Website Design
Read Getting Started
Book Intro; Ch 1: Structure


1/15 Alaska Civil Rights Day Holiday

  • Participate in Bb Discussion
2 Jan. 21-27 HTML & Editors
Read Ch  2: Text & Ch 3: Lists


1/26 Last Day to Add/Drop (100% Refund)

  • Submit Bb HTML doc #01 “Required Structure”
3 Jan. 28 – Feb. 3 Registrars & Domains
Read Ch 4: Links & Ch 6: Tables
No late work accepted after 1/27
  • Submit Bb HTML doc #02 “Links & Tables”
  • Get your domain and participate in Bb Discussion and submit Google form
4 Feb. 4 – 10 DNS & Image

DNS & Images

Read  Ch  5: Images, 7: Forms & 8: Extra Markup;  read a post on semantic markup, read Teaching Tips:  Free Graphics & How to Resize Them  *(PDF) and  Copyright & Fair Use  (blog post that has PDF link)
Watch “Intro & Instructor notes Ch 8’
Listen to “Appropriate file sizes’ 3:56
Review two posts on free image editors
Required Activity:  Set your Domain’s Name Servers

Assignment:  HTML doc #03: Images
Discussion:  Participate in Bb Discussion “Got my domain’

  • UPDATE your DNS*, Participate in discussion & SUBMIT HTML doc #03 by 11:59p  2/10

    *Picmonkey is no longer free (late 2017)
    *Give yourself plenty of time to do this step; it can take time for the change to take effect

5* Feb. 11 – 17 FTP, File Names & CSS

Read Ch 9: Flash, Audio & Video, Ch 10: Introducing CSS

View “Linking an external style sheet – using Chrome Web developer tools’
Required activity: Test your ability to upload materials to your space on the CITS server

Participation: online discussion “Why do we need CSS?’

  • Participation in online discussion due by 11:59p  2/17
6 Feb. 18 – 24 Color & Capstone Track Choices

Read Ch 11: Color & Ch 12: Text
Activity: Explore several color tools as described by Elegant Themes
Assignment: Create & upload CSS and HTML doc #04 “Colorblocking’ to the CITS server
Participation: Share track choice

Early progress reports (Freshmen)

7 Feb. 25 – Mar. 3

Images II & CSS3

Read Ch 14: Tables, Lists & Forms; Ch 16: Images,W3Schools page on creating images with CSS and how to create an image gallery using CSS
Activity:  Create images and optimize your images.  Self-Assessment:
Assignment: Create and upload CSS and HTML doc #05 “Portfolio’ or “Services’

  • Create and upload HTML doc #05, CSS AND associated optimized images by 11:59p  3/03
8 Mar. 4 – 10 Accessibility & Navigation

Read Accessibility information on, a brief check, UW IT Info, Ch 13: Boxes
Assignment: HTML doc #6 Navigation
Required Activity:  Alter three existing pages and REUPLOAD them to match your navigation menu
Research and test accessibility tools
Participate in Discussion “Testing Accessibility’


  • Upload HTML doc #6 Navigation; reupload three other pages;
  • Participate in discussion due by 11:59p3/10
9 Mar. 18 – 24 Responsive Web Design
READ Chapters 15: Layout & 17: HTML5 Layout  RESEARCH  articles on responsive web design  READ A List Apart article (lists two grid tools available for use)
  • Rebuild and upload layout #01 “Liquid’ from Ch 15.
  • Download Skeleton, create layout #02   and upload it, plus images and CSS files by 11:59p  3/24
10 Mar. 25 – 31

Capstone I – Wireframes

READ “Minimalist Web Design’  WATCH “Load times – Underlying Code’

Create a Wireframe Layout; Write up the scope of your Client Project OR (if doing Track B) Compare Wix and Squarespace (300-500 word write up with quotes/cited sources.

3/30 Last day for “W”  

  • Track A: Wireframe and Scope
  • Track B: Wireframe and Write up Wix/Squarespace
11 Apr. 1 – 7

Using a Content Management System –
WordPress I

Read Three online articles (two how-to WP pages)

Watch “Accessing the dashboard’ and “How to use the … Media Library’

Activity: Upload images to free WordPress account

Assignment:  Create a WordPress PAGE with track details

Participation: Share your location

  • Tracks A + B: PARTICIPATE in Bb Discussion
  • Tracks A + B: Create a WordPress Page
  • Create a WordPress PAGE and participate in Bb Discussion due by 11:59p  4/07
12 Apr. 8 – 14

WordPress II & Fonts

Read about categories and menus; Google fonts info

Activity: Test the text editor in WordPress

Assignment: Create a menu made from a category

Discussion:  Provide a link to your more accessible page and explain why you made the changes you did.

  • Create three WordPress posts with different categories; create a menu from a category
    Remake the page you chose from week 8 (HTML and CSS docs)
    due by 11:59p  
13 Apr. 15 – 21

JavaScript or jQuery  Read resources from Khan Academy, w3schools,

Activity:  Explore what you can do with JavaScript

Watch Khan Academy videos and “jQuery screencast’

Assignment: Practice with two JavaScript or jQuery widgets

  • Create HTML doc #09* using either JavaScript or jQuery and Google fonts
    due by 11:59p  

    *Layout 1-2 would be #7-8

     This is a lighter week in order for you to work on your Capstone Project

14 Apr. 22 – 28 Capstone II & HTML5

Read W3Schools HTML5 Intro, HTML Design Principles

Activity:  Test HTML5 elements; which may work in your new site?

Assignment:  Revise last week’s HTML and CSS to include HTML5 choices

Participation: Review class discussion and provide specific feedback to fellow students

Discussion:  Upload your working draft site and provide a link within the Bb discussion.  Include specific requests for what you want help with or advice on.



  • Update HTML doc #09 with HTML5 code you test this weekParticipate in Bb discussion board with Sample of your Capstone Project due by 11:59p4/28
15 Apr. 29 – May 5

Capstone III

Self-Assessment:  Review the goals of the course and the Student Learning Outcomes as provided by CTC

Reflection:  Can you make a website from start to finish? Can you host it on a server and gain access to it as well as update it?

4/30 Last Day of Instruction
5/1-5 Final Exams

Upload your final project pages (and submit a link to 3-5 pages on the CITS server in Bb)
Submit the Client form as needed – due by 11:59p


+This semester marks a trial where you may choose to opt-out of the Client Project. You will still perform tasks and submit assignments at the same time as others turning in the client related projects. The assignments will have the same value and weight and be designed to provide you with similar learning experiences.  



Important Dates
  • 1/16 Tues First day of instruction
  • 1/26 Fri  Last day to add or drop with 100% refund
  • 2/19 Mon Progress reports
  • 3/12-16 Spring Break
  • 3/30  Friday Withdraw deadline (W on transcript)
  • 4/30  Last Day of Instruction (Exams 5/1-5)
Using the CITS Server

* Beginning in Week 5  Upload all your HTML, CSS, jpg/png, and js files to your space on the CITS server or any space you have permission to use that is visible to your instructor.

Student Learning Objectives

These outcomes established prior to 2009; some language may seem antiquated, but everything applies in principle.

To be able to:

  1. use the Internet to research current Internet authoring tools, techniques, and design principles
  2. understand and apply appropriate copyright and authorship issues when creating web sites.
  3. choose the appropriate authoring tools and techniques to create Internet documents. Editors – we explore at least three.
  4. design Internet documents that are appropriate for the intended audience.
  5. create an effective navigation system for an Internet document. Navigation and Accessibility unit and navigation assignment.
  6. design and author documents that present material so that they effectively use the hypertext capability of the Internet.
  7. design and author documents that include the ability to collaborate and interact.
  8. design and author documents that effectively use graphics to support the intended use of the document.
  9. prepare graphics and multimedia so that it can be efficiently included in Internet documents.
  10. include appropriate scripting tools and applets in Internet documents. jQuery unit 1 and 2
  11. design documents that combine a variety of media types, including sound and video.
  12. design documents that effectively use limited Internet bandwidth.
  13. evaluate the quality of Internet publications using criteria that are relevant to the intended use and the strengths and limitations of the Internet.
  14. create and publish web sites with proper virus and security protection.