Submit assignments via Blackboard. Blackboard’s grade center  is an easy tool for you to use to confirm how well you are progressing in this course.  You receive graded feedback via Blackboard. You may  receive tips and encouragement as comments on some of  your blog posts.

If asked to answer questions, please put the answers directly into Blackboard’s submission text box. Do not attach a Word.docx file. If you wish, you may attach a PDF.  To submit an assignment:
  1. Sign into Blackboard
  2. Go to the Assignments link on the left navigation
  3. Choose the Module folder you are working on
  4. Find the Blog post, Activity, or Assignment submission link you are working on and click the title

If you are asked to submit a link make sure that you enter the URL properly and then change it into a link. See the attached PDF for explicit screen shots. More on creating Blackboard links. Also, look inside the “Getting Started” folder in Blackboard, you’ll see a screencast/video (Flash content) that shows you how to add images and make links.

Turn in a polished piece

  • Run spellcheck to  determine if you need to make  any changes; respond accordingly.
  • If your assignment includes multiple parts (html, css, images) view  your work in multiple  browsers. If your materials are supposed to be on your website, upload them and review your work in a new browser window. Make changes/upload missing items and retest.
  • On larger assignments have a friend, colleague, classmate review your work and provide suggestions.
  • Check your work against the criteria given with the assignment. If you feel your work misses a part and you have a reason for it, provide your argument for not performing those steps. Consideration may be given during grading.