Your notes
  • Review your final work.
  • Review your own objectives for this course.
    • Missing any? Ask questions to receive reading/guidance
  • Submit final project – the end result of the Client project
Reading, Watching, Testing
  • Reread syllabus as needed for grading information
  • Review instructor incomplete information
  • Reread your email/assignment feedback for any missing work


How far are we through the course?


500/500 points possible

Week 15: Capstone III

The end product

Where are we now?

Final assignment. Clean up. Doing the paperwork. There is always paperwork. In this case, you need to submit your final assignment AND ensure that you’ve delivered it to the client (or your instructor or both). Please also confirm that your client has filled out the second Google form for Track A.

‘It’s the end as we know it…’

Congratulations! Take the next 10 minutes and write down whether or not you’ve met your goals for this class. Do you feel you can confidently create web pages? Code by hand? Upload materials? Evaluate tools to help you build pages and sites?

You’ve been exposed to a lot this semester. At times it’s felt overwhelming. BUT THE CORE of the class has been to develop your skills. Review the course goals as provided by CTC for this class.

Do you have questions? I’m here and ready to help you. Pick up the phone, send email or stop in!




Due NO later than May  3, 11:59p

SUBMIT working link to your final Project pages. Track A include a brief write-up of how the delivery to the client went. Track B include a brief write-up of the recommendations from fellow students. Did you implement changes based on any suggestions? If so, which ones?

Track A
WHEN YOU HAVE SUBMITTED YOUR PROJECT TO YOUR CLIENT he or she needs to fill out  the form embedded on the bottom of this page.

Both tracks – LOVE what you’ve done? Create a post on this site with the category “Student gallery” – add a screenshot of your work and any information about it you’d like future students to see.

Track A: Client submit  form  B

Please  fill out this form  (link provided in case form does not display below) when you receive  three to five total HTML pages, CSS file and all images needed to support those pages. Understand that the student is not required to load these materials on your server or in your hosted space. No passwords should be exchanged.